Working In Small Company Vs Big Company

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The career-crafting issue pinches every employed mind. The search and hunt to get an appropriate job profile is as fierce as it gets. The dream, to make a mark in a big multi-national company, is nurtured by all money-dreaming people. These high-paying organizations often lure people with their handsome packages and lavish incentives. The employees also enjoy this experience of working for world-known companies and take pride for contributing to their progress.

While most young minds strive real hard to get into these big companies, many smarter graduates opt to work for a small company. The fact, that they want the same luxuries out of life as the rest is an unquestioned truth, but the approach of these smart kids to color their high financial dreams is a better one. The small organizations usually have not more than 100-150 employees who work in small groups to accomplish a required task. The big organizations, on the other hand, take in thousands of people every year and spread them all over the organizations.

The fact that people working in small companies gain more and specific knowledge about their streams is also appreciated by our job-hunting graduates. The job profile and work approach of big organizations often restricts the employees to get a deeper look at their subject knowledge. In the end, the experience that they earn as compared to a small company employees, often falls short. Although, the money in such big companies is good, the work tends to hamper the growth of an individual.

The work and the need of a smaller company is well-specified and employees work hard for a balanced organizational and personal growth with every successful achievement. Also, the smaller companies often give credit to an individual whose work makes a significant difference. Opportunities to shine are always flowing in smaller companies. The competitive environment and fight for promotions usually make such opportunities rare in the big organizations.

Small companies follow a staff organization, while big ones choose a line organizations in their offices. Staff organization makes it easier to communicate and address discomforts, if any, among the employees. A line organization tends to give all the decision-making powers to higher authorities and often fails to involve the subordinates. such a situation also acts on the employee minds and plants a sense of inferiority among the employees.

Also, people with a respectable experience in a small company find it easy to get a desired job profile in big organizations. They often climb the promotion stairs without much hassle. The journey of an individual is a smoother one, when he kick starts his professional career with a not-so-big company. The core concept is that organizations pay for experience. So, to work at a big-paying company without prior experience is a good option, but to work for a small organization and gain healthy experience is an appropriate one.

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Working In Small Company Vs Big Company

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This article was published on 2010/09/15