Work Out Motivation = Getting Motivated To Exercise

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It is hard to get work out motivation to exercise day in and day out. Yet when you work out, you feel better. However, it's difficult to get into the habit of working out every day.

The night before you might say to yourself that tomorrow you will work out for an hour. You promise yourself that this is what you will do. Tomorrow comes, and you just didn't get around to that hour of working out. It's easy to get into the habit of breaking promises and not exercising.

Instead of making and breaking promises, you can do a few things.

You might want to set smaller goals. An hour is a long time to work out. You might want to try for 10 minutes. That isn't too long and you can generally find 10 minutes in your day. It is really better than doing nothing at all.

It may not seem like a long time. But think of it this way. Doing lunges for 10 minutes can be really get your thighs feeling tight. Your muscles will probably be sore the next day. You can do lunges for 10 minutes one day and then squats for 10 minutes the next day. Every little bit of exercise you do helps you get into the habit of exercising every day.

If you want some extra help with work out motivation, you can also try listening to subliminal messages. By listening to a subliminal download over and over again, it becomes easier to keep your promises about working out. It becomes easier to get into the habit of working out.

Subliminal messaging isn't an instant magic cure, it is an aid. It is a tool you can use to help you get moving and exercising. It may take some time to take effect.

However, you do start to notice that the way you think about working out changes. You start thinking that you wouldn't mind going for a walk or working out for a while, and you keep on feeling this way.
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Work Out Motivation = Getting Motivated To Exercise

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This article was published on 2011/02/23