When Does Work Related Stress Become Work Related Anxiety?

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Work and modern day work culture is a major cause of stress. With work, come certain responsibilities and duties. A person is expected to carry out the responsibilities, meet superiors' expectations and achieve work related "targets". In this 21st century, the world is so obsessed about achieving targets, that human beings find it difficult to cope with the stress faced on a day-to-day basis.

A typical corporate executive will have to meet expectation of his superior, perform his duties well me, make the right decisions and achieve set goals. This leads to stress, which in turn can give rise to anxiety.

The greatest reason for anxiety in workplace is the constant worry about achieving the targets. When a person is constantly achieving his target, he stays stress-free, but once the performance starts to dip, then racing thoughts come to mind regarding the performance and how he can achieve the targets.

Once he starts to miss out on his targets, he becomes all the more conscious of his role in the organisations and how his colleagues and superiors are rating or judging him based on his performance. This leads to anxiety and stress. If he is not achieving the targets or the expectations constantly, then the superiors might initiate corrective action plans and pressurise him which adds to the level of anxiety. The person becomes tense about job security and is under constant pressure to retain his job. This is work performance anxiety.

This condition is so common in modern day competitive world that people develop phobias and suffer from depression. Some people may not be able to work under pressure and could end up losing his job.

Work related stress depends on the work environment, people that you work with, the tools which you work with, the amount of work that you do. If your superior is too demanding then it can lead to stress. If your colleagues are not co-operative at all, then it might lead to stress.

If you work in difficult conditions such as poor lighting, faulty air-conditioning, faulty computers, unclean toilets etc, this can also lead to stress. If your work load is too high and you have to work extra hours to meet targets and please your superior, then it can lead to stress as well. So, the possibilities of stress at work are endless.

Work related stress can lead to work related anxiety as well. They are inter-related. We can minimize work related stress by working in a good organisation which follows good corporate practices and provides a good and healthy work environment for employees.

Work related anxiety can depend on how competent you are at your job. If you are confident about what you are doing, chances are there that you would be a success eliminating any form of anxiety
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When Does Work Related Stress Become Work Related Anxiety?

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This article was published on 2011/02/08