Weekly Horoscope (26 March- 1 April)

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Aries Weekly Horoscope - First Quarter in Gemini: A really busy week, even a hectic one, as everyday chores take your time. Despite leaving you totally engrossed and sometimes exhausted, it is still an enjoyable week. You also manage to find time for your spiritual aspirations. Apart from work, there are social interactions and quality time spent with friends, family and loved ones. You love entertaining and being entertained and there will be a plethora of outings, picnics and together. You will be the soul of the party. Your emotions are more intense now and you may have to keep a tab on mood swings. There will be opposing energies at play and you will have to keep the balance. Take care of your health in this phase.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope - First Quarter in Gemini: You begin this new phase with a load of responsibilities and duties. The fun-filled days of last week now morph into days and even nights of labor and hard, unrelenting work as you catch up with unfinished projects and other official paper work. There is no respite. A strained cash flow and interpersonal tensions could be the result of the overwhelming energies at play in this phase.
Communications could go haywire leading to hurt feelings and even resentment.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope- First Quarter in Gemini: The moon in your own sign gives you significant gains especially in relationships. The trend of the past few weeks continues and you put in dedicated efforts in all your projects and initiatives. The focus has shifted from work to home and this requires detailed planning. All issues related to the home are highlighted: from restorations/ renovations/ additions to investments in property, land, leases and loans. There will be very intense bonding and you spend memorable moments in the company of loved ones. Along with peace of mind and contentment, this period also brings closure to delayed or unattended topics, including blocked payments and projects. Tact and diplomacy are required to tackle awkward issues and to resolve them to everyone's satisfaction.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope-First Quarter in Gemini: You get rooted again and are thankfully, in a manner of speaking, taken away from all your illusions. There are domestic and family concerns to look into. Work and money also need Attention. You may make plans to start a new project to achieve greater financial security. But, as usual, you will not neglect your familial responsibilities - that is not your way. Money is also in sharp focus in the form of property, family holdings, shares and trust funds. Money is always at the back of your mind because it feeds the family we all know - money also buys freedom and respect. Left to yourself , you can make many compromises and live on very little. But you're concerned with your family's welfare and progress. Again, your mind is in some sort of disarray as it may run in several directions like a headless chicken. The trend is bound to change and so just hold tight.
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Weekly Horoscope (26 March- 1 April)

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This article was published on 2011/03/26