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If you work in education, by a corporation or a nonprofit organization, will have to present their work. If you notice that there are certain people in your organization today, which always seem to be recognized for their visibility at work.

If you want to move up their career and wants to prove he can influence people at work, it's time to look for strategies to create visibility in the workplace. Here are 10 tips to help you maintain visibility at work:

1.Take a self-inventory - this is basically an assessment of where you are in your current position. What are the skills and attributes that are important to the company. If you are unsure, ask your boss.

2.Keep professional development - to ensure that takes every Human Resource opportunity to improve their skills or knowledge in their profession. If a new opportunity arises, you want to be able to take.

3.Take credit for the work they do well - when someone realizes that you have done a good job, thank them graciously, and then indicate that you are happy with what you did.

4.Show initiative and motivation - voluntary committees or new products that are presented. Sometimes taking a project that is a bit risky you know you can do will succeed him at the forefront of the minds of entrepreneurs.

5.Write items - share your information that you find in a company newsletter or other publication appropriate. They also join a professional organization and writing for your newsletter. This will ensure their visibility at work.

Other 6.Promote - when you want the visibility, helping someone to become visible. If you are part of a team and they have finished putting together a project, make sure they receive the visibility of their contributions.

7.Get involved - people you meet through business meetings. Talk to people from all parts of the company and get to know a wide range of people, in addition to those you know.

8.Keep a portfolio - if you are in a job in a portfolio is necessary or not is a good idea to keep a portfolio of all projects I've worked with and seen through. Even the first page of each report is good. This will give you something to talk with his boss at a later date.

9.Ask for promotion when your time - some people become visible, but forget to ask for a promotion when the time is right. Use your portfolio to help and define what you did and why he feels a promotion is a good idea.

10.Share your knowledge - be sure to share their knowledge at conferences, special meetings or when the opportunity is appropriate. The more you can keep your visibility at work, the better.

Maintaining visibility at work is important, especially if you want to move up the career ladder. These tips should help you, it is important not to lose focus
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Tips about office politics

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This article was published on 2012/03/28