The Most Dangerous Jobs in Britain

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Fisherman and Merchant Seafarers

Fishermen sitting on a river bank on a sunny weekend aren't very likely to face to many life threatening moments; their deep-sea professional fisherman counterparts however take part in the most dangerous job in the country. Sailing through rough seas and storms can be extremely dangerous. Ever since work related deaths and injuries have been recorded fishermen have topped the list, with fisherman being 50 times more likely to die at work compared to any other job

According to records 103 per 100,000 fisherman and 52 per 100,000 merchant seafarers die while working. This is an incredibly high number though thankfully it is lower than the death toll for fisherman in 1885 where 1 in 63 (around 10,000 a year) would die at work.

Bomb and Mine Disposal
Bomb and mine disposal experts face death on an almost daily basis and are often referred to as "Felix" for having 9 lives like cats. Despite having such a dangerous, pressurized and important job "Felix" can expect to earn around £32,000 a year.

Oil and Gas Rigger
The Piper Alpha disaster of 1988 where 168 lives where lost highlight the potential danger of this job. Though such disasters at offshore platforms are thankfully rare a new threat to riggers is on the rise. Since the first Golf War in 1991 oil and gas rigs and there workers have come top of the list for potential terrorist targets. So severe have attacks and kidnappings become at some rigs that work has had to be stopped in order to protect workers.

Construction Workers
During the past five years construction fatalities have accounted for 30% of all work related deaths in the UK. During 2006-2007 three construction workers received fatal injuries while at work.

Within the construction industry Scaffolders and Steeplejacks are at the most risk. 23% of all fatalities are cause by falling from a height while 10% are caused by electrocution.

Lorry & Commercial Driver
150 crashes a day involve lorry and commercial drivers which added up to 54,000 per year. The main cause of these crashes can be put down to the long hour's drivers work and extremely tight deadline that they have to meet. All of this leads to potentially hazardous driving conditions. 1-in-4 of all road fatalities involves a driver while at work.

War Zone Security Guard
Not surprisingly this is one of the most dangerous jobs that anyone could undertake. Mainly based in Afghanistan and Iraq Security Guards are usually made up of ex military personal and are hired by people and business to protect them in highly dangerous areas. Security guards often find themselves on the front lines and are constantly facing threat from terrorists

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The Most Dangerous Jobs in Britain

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This article was published on 2010/03/31