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Have you ever sat back, and wondered if all there is to live is work?  Are you a person that lives to work, or works to live?  Don't you think that there should be another way to experience life?  Well now you can when you listen to the audio book version of The 4 hour Workweek Audio Book, by Timothy Ferriss.

Think about it.  You put in so much time and effort into going to work and what exactly do you have to show for it?  Are you investing more time and energy into the job, and you still feel that it's not enough?  How many people live feeling as if they just can't squeeze anymore hours from their days?  Many people life hand to mouth, check to check, and they simply can't work any more hours, because there are only so many hours in a day.  Worse, many people have to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet, and they miss out on valuable time enjoying or raising their children!  Many children have been in the position of raising themselves, because their parents were always at work, or they were never home. With The 4 Hour WorkWeek Audio Book, by Timothy Ferriss, the listener of this audio set will learn how to overcome this destructive pattern of working to live.

Have you thought about what you could do with your time, if only you could earn a great living, and still have time left?  Would you take that vacation that you always wanted to?  Would you be able to expose your children to the sights and sounds of the world?  Would you get away to that place that you dream of when you look at that post card, and the magazine pictures?  With The 4 Hour Workweek Audio Book, by Timothy Ferriss, you'll be able to learn how to do just that.

Do you want to go back to school?  Do you hate your job, but you don't see any way out?  Would you love to take a continuing education course, an academic program, or simply a self-improvement course, but you don't have the time, because you have to work so many hours just to get by?  Wouldn't you love to learn how to not only get by, but to thrive, all while creating time to take that self improvement, or that college course that will help you grow?  What if The 4 Hour Workweek Audio Book, by Timothy Ferriss could help you do just that?

Timothy Ferris was a person that used to work 80 hours a week, just so that he could bring home $40k, a year.  He fully understands what its like to break your back for just enough money to get by.  However, he has learned how to overcome this gruesome cycle.  He now makes more money a month then he did in a year, and he spends very little time doing so.  Many people would want to live like Timothy Ferris, and they can learn how to do so, when they listen to The 4 Hour Workweek AudioBook, by Timothy Ferriss.

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The 4 Hour Workweek Audio Book by Timothy Ferriss

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This article was published on 2011/04/27