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No matter if you're looking for temporary work or a fill time job, you're bound to succeed in Rotterdam. Job agencies are all over the place and most companies are hiring despite the economic situation that has also hit the Netherlands. You can opt for a search yourself, or just let someone take care of it for you! The most easy and fast solution is a job agency.

Like a sailor
Rotterdam is famous for having the largest and busiest port in Europe. No wonder that the city is full of activity. Of course the harbor has always been a place to look for work. But this is no movie based on the tough sailor life, lifting heavy crates on and off a huge ship. The ports offer lots of vacancies in many forms. Office jobs, managing positions and more hands on options… you get to choose if you give the harbor a go. Work is available at every level possible, and the same goes for the option of working down town.

The city of Rotterdam offers more job vacancies than just the openings in the harbor. Like any big city, the metropolitan area of Rotterdam offers jobs in almost every branch. It doesn't matter if you're looking for work in construction, health, as a driver, telecom, community services or waiting tables in a bar: the job that suits you is waiting for you in Rotterdam.

Hire me!
Job agencies are hiring more than ever, which could be a sign of the economic crisis drawing to an end. Either way, enough jobs are available around the country, so also in Rotterdam. No doubt the job you want is out there. The number of businesses in the surrounding area has increased. Unlike other cities, thins are going well when it comes to jobs in Rotterdam. Business is booming. Now's the time to take part of this, try out one of the job agencies and see where you fit in!

Dig in
Work in Rotterdam is of course also available in the business of entrepreneurs who are self employed. But also companies that settle here are hiring. No matter what the reason is, everyone gets a piece of the pie when it comes to the benefits of employment. The area is booming so dig in!  

Surely construction is –at this moment- one of the branches that is flourishing the most. Companies settle here and because they're just starting business, they need an actual building. Many industrial sites offer construction jobs, also behind the scene. Then of course once the building is finished and business can start properly, there are jobs available in the building. Sounds easy huh? That's because it is!

Manhattan on the Maas
The skyline of Rotterdam (actually the only proper skyline in the country) is a great business card for visitors. It represents the many jobs this city holds, and the fact that you're welcome to join. With lots of shops, cool bars, funky clubs and great restaurants (of course they all need staff members too!) you can go crazy of work. Many restaurants are located on the riverbanks of the Maas (great fish!) and a walk on the Erasmus bridge is a must. Dive into the Rotterdam nightlife, or work there and if you prefer work in one of the many cool places that become hotspots after dark.

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Business in Rotterdam is booming. If you're up for a job in one of the most fun places in the country, your wait is over! Take a look at the job offers or vacatures in Rotterdam , get paid for something you actually like to do!

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Rocking it in Rotterdam

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This article was published on 2010/11/04