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You may not think that a tidy filing cabinet could get help you get a huge promotion, but it’s not just about having tidy desk drawers. Getting organised both physically and mentally is an essential part of ensuring that you can carry out your tasks happily and productively at work. Feeling organised at work will also trickle over into your home life, as you’ll feel more confident in getting things done quickly and efficiently, leaving more time to enjoy and relax.

Organise your work space: We’ve probably all heard it before – but many people still find themselves drowning in piles of paper and post-it notes. If you can’t remember what the colour the top of your desk is, set aside some time to really be ruthless about cleaning up your workspace. It’s also important to maintain your desk as well. Set aside at least one time slot per week to work out papers, files and other titbits from the week past. Having a good filing and organising session is also a great way to get back into the work mood when you’re having a day where you’re feeling slightly demotivated. Seeing your desk nice and clean will remind you that you’ve accomplished something positive and productive, and will set you up for a better day or week ahead.

Prioritise: Getting your daily tasks organised is the next important step to getting organised in the office. While it’s easy to make a to-do list, it’s harder actually getting everything on it done. Spend time to really think about what the most crucial tasks are. That way, if someone throws something on your desk asking for it to be done urgently, you can explain to them if you have something that’s a little more pressing, or negotiate a time with them for you to get it done as soon as you can.

Do some training: If you feel as though your office or business skills need a little updating, don’t hesitate to take some business coaching courses to help you deal with all aspects of work. If you’re feeling a little unfocused, look into some mindset training courses on how to stay motivated and make the best out of every day. If you’re feeling a little unconfident or confused about writing letters and emails, look into a business writing course to help you get all your written tasks done faster.

The most important thing is to not let getting organised stress you out in itself! Everybody has days where they feel a little scatterbrained and cluttered, but remember you can actively take small steps every day to help you stay organised and efficient at work.

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Organise to get Organised

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Organise to get Organised

This article was published on 2011/03/16