No Diet - The Fat-Loss Secret

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No diet fat loss secret sounds wonderful but is it really possible?Dropping excess weight is an effort that most people get sick of even thinking about because it's not easy. We all try to avoid difficult and painful things. Perhaps it is easier to pull teeth out because it's a one time deal, unlike weight loss which for many has been a lifelong struggle.

Eating too much much and too fast is a problem that most of us share. This is one of the major reasons that people are always searching for that magic pill or hot new diet that they think will instantly solve this problem. truth is, is not just overeating that has put all those extra pounds on you. At least there is one advanced thinking medical doctor who doesn't just believe that. Some think her ideas are radical, yet they work.

If you're struggling with weight gain, you've probably been so indoctrinated by the giant corporations pushing their pills and low fat foods which will only make the problem worse. Diets don't work. Exercising doesn't work, and prescription pills don't work. Forget all those low fat, fat free, low carb, high carb, foods diets and solutions. They just don't work. Exercise and eating right is important but there is another component that you need to learn from this doctor.

Diets alone will not work. They interfere with your lifestyle and you will not follow one for long. Just the word alone is enough to make you quiver. DIE-t. Work, play school and everyday things keep us so busy in today's fast pace life that it's very hard to constantly monitor everything that goes into our mouths. There is a delicate balance in life and the foods that you consume will play a role in your overall weight situation and health issues but in order to correct years of abuse and an overweight condition, diets & exercise are not enough.

A big part of the problem of obesity is related to the types of foods that we eat and their nutritional value. These are the types of food that the mega food corporations have been pushing us to eat for all these years, in order to make us fat and sick. It is a vicious cycle that keeps these industrial companies extremely profitable, profitable at the expense of your obesity and ill health. Luckily, there are now some standout scientists and doctors who are standing up to these giant companies and the media blitzkreig that bring with them to point out that these ways are making us obese and sick. One of those advocates is Dr Suzanne Gudakunst who has discovered and developed a treatment or cure for losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Dr Suzanne is a licensed practicing medical doctor from Arizona. Dr Suzanne spent a lot of time looking into the research being done on the human digestive system, then followed up with her own patient research and testing for over 6 years to learn the no diet fat loss secrets. Not really a secret but information that she is now sharing with everyone and anyone who will listen. Dr Suzanne starts her patients off with an internal cleansing to rid the body of parasites and plague that most people don't realize are hidden in their body. Using her knowledge gained over the years, Dr Suzanne uses a formula that she mastered combining natural and herbal substances that have an immediate effect on rapid weight loss and better health. Dr Suzanne has gained fame and has been featured on television, radio and print media for her innovative and successful methods.

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No Diet - The Fat-Loss Secret

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This article was published on 2010/03/30