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Whenever you go online and try to find information about mums working from home, you will be met with tons of information. This might seem like an exaggeration but it really isnt, as you will see when you take a look for yourself. But just because there is a lot of information out there, does that mean working from home in any kind of job is ideal for mums? Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of homeworking.

If you are a mum or you know someone who is, youll know that trying to find a regular job that fits in around the school run (not to mention the school holidays) can be a nightmare. Since you need to be available and be flexible for your kids, you cannot be available and flexible for a job at the same time.

But homeworking does of course give you this flexibility. You choose the hours you want to work and when you want to do them. And as a result you can enjoy seeing your kids and being there for them whenever you need to be, and get your work done and bring in a wage at the same time.

But as with everything in life you also need to think about the downsides of this kind of work. For example have you tried getting your work done with one or more kids running around wanting attention all the time? Even if you have two kids who play together beautifully all the time, they can still be distracting. If you have kids of the wrong age, it can be a nightmare trying to work with all the racket going on!

So in a sense the flexibility many mums hanker after is not as easy to find as you might think. The trick is not to take on more work than you can comfortably handle and to ideally have another income coming into the household.

Its good to be able to work whatever hours you need to, but once the kids are in bed asleep and you have had some dinner, you might find you are too shattered to work. Thats fair enough but if you have a deadline to meet you will need to meet it no matter how long a day you have had or how much youd like to climb in bed and sleep.

The key here is not to be convinced that working from home as a mum is easy. With the right plan of action it can indeed be done. You just need to prepare yourself in the right way and be ready for the realities of the situation.

In addition to this you might want to find some online forums for homeworking mums, because these are full of mothers who are at various stages of working from home. They are a wonderful place to go for inspiration, advice and support. Just remember to give support to others as well as receiving it yourself.

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Mums Working From Home

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This article was published on 2011/07/02