MemoryUp Changes My Life

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The past few days was the most terrible time in my life. Almost every day, I was travelling on business during the daytime and preparing paper work at night. I was so busy that I had no spare time to play games, watch TV, or check emails. Even worse, I could not spend a romantic evening with my girlfriend, for which she almost broke up with me. I only could use busy, tired and gloomy to describe that time.

Since my lovely BB8310 worked slowly, I couldn't handle the piled-up work on the way but to work on-site. I had to say that the lazy BB was the main cause of my suffering, for which I couldn't live an easy and comfortable life like before. To console myself, I thought that I would get the year-end bonus soon for my effort just like last year.

"Why is Daniel given the bonus instead of me? It is not fair, I have done so much" I argued. I heard that Daniel had done nothing but seated himself in the office and played his Nokia all the day.

According to my colleague, actually Daniel dealt with his work through his Nokia even though he did not leave the office. But what surprised me was that why his smartphone was working so well for him all the time. Once my BB8310 also was my secret weapon on my work, but gradually it became so lazy that I even couldn't check the emails through it due to the poor network-connection. It took me several days to figure out that Daniel had downloaded and installed mobile software called MemoryUp on his Nokia. MemoryUp enhanced the speed of his phone, which further improved his efficiency on his work.

I couldn't believe a small mobile application could make such a big difference between Daniel and me. I downloaded and installed MemoryUp on my BB with a suspicious attitude. Just two days, there has been an incredible change on my phone. Now everything goes more smoothly and quickly on my BB since the installation of MemoryUp, especially when I browse emails and have video conferences with foreign clients.

Just like Columbus discovering the New World, I am so excited that I have found the right mate for my BB. I can even deal with the work through my BB on the way to picking up my girlfriend.

Now, I have to say thanks to Daniel, for whom I have found the best mate for my BB. I also have to say thanks to MemoryUp, for which I have retrieved the confidence on my work.

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MemoryUp Changes My Life

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This article was published on 2010/04/02