Make Him Beg For You - What Does it Take?

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Is there a guy you really like who doesn't seem to notice you? Do you fantasize about what it would take to make him beg for you? If so, you've probably got lots of company. Keep reading to learn some secrets to making a guy fall head over heels for you without really changing who you are.

Play up your best assets

You may not look like a super model, but you do have feminine features that are designed to appeal to guys. You just need to learn to bring them out. Spend a little time in front of a full-length mirror and determine what your most attractive features are, then figure out how to emphasize them.

If you have a great body, dress to show it off, without showing so much skin that you look trashy. If you don't have a great body, but do have gorgeous legs, wear skirts or shorts that show them off without going so short as to leave nothing to the imagination. Learn to apply makeup so that it emphasizes your beautiful eyes or seductive mouth.

If there are things that you need to work on, don't despair. Just get busy and work on them. Get a new hairstyle; go to the gym more often and work on your diet. Nobody's perfect - even photos of cover girls are airbrushed to make them look better.

Act confident

No matter what you do or don't need to make yourself more beautiful, carry yourself as if you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Guys respond to confidence and if you believe in your own attractiveness, he's bound to notice it too. Don't be too obvious - you don't want to come across as conceited - just act as if you expect to be noticed and you will be.

Get him to chase you

Once you've gotten his attention, don't be too available too soon. Men love the thrill of the chase, and the more he has to work to get you to go out with him, the more he will appreciate you. Don't be so unavailable that he gives up, but playing a little hard to get will go a long way toward making him want you more.

In fact, if you want to know how to make him beg for you, this is the way to do it.

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Make Him Beg For You - What Does it Take?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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