Locum Vs. Permanent Doctor Jobs

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As a medical student you may be a little tentative about stepping up to the locum doctor’s position rather than having a permanent position. While there are many talented professionals who are currently working as locum tenens, it is still important to have insightful information of the locum tenens industry.

Pay Packages: Locum doctors are generally paid on an hourly basis. These rates, which are generally higher than resident doctors pay, usually vary with the experience and skills of the individual.
No commitment to one particular job: As you are not permanently bound to your job, you can explore different types of practices before you settle into a specific field or role.
Time to accomplish personal goals: A clear benefit of working as a locum doctor is the ability to balance work and personal life.
Allows Traveling: Choosing to work as a locum doctor allows you to explore different parts of the UK, this is a great opportunity to work in a wide variety of healthcare environments and expand on previous experience gained.
Benefits and Insurance Cover: Locum doctors are not entitled to additional benefits such as health insurance, retirement etc.

Tax: Locum practitioner pays his/her tax under the self-assessment pay & file system as opposed to tax being automatically deducted from their income.

On the more cautionary side, working for locum positions whilst rewarding, is not all plain sailing. Hence, it is essential to carefully read and understand the fine print of your contract and negotiate changes with the recruitment company before accepting. For the best locum practice, it is advisable to ensure that your agreement clearly addresses:

1.Payment terms and procedures
2.Travel expenses & extraordinary expenses
3.Supply appropriate lodging
4.Malpractice insurance etc.

It’s a must that the agreement includes “Out clause” which makes the provision for locum doctor to exit the contract if certain conditions arise. You must work to have enough control over your area of practice and ensure adequate compensation for your work. However, it is suggested that you don’t start an assignment until you’ve received a counter-signed agreement for the practice.


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Locum Vs. Permanent Doctor Jobs

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This article was published on 2011/04/09