Jump-starting An Interior Design Career

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Choosing a future career can be a frightening but exciting adventure. Deciding on what you will study in your undergraduate makes a huge difference in the types of jobs you will be able to apply and be hired for.

Many individuals know from very early on what they hope to do with their future career, while some go through their entire time at college being unsure about their plans. There are so many different directions that a student can go in and choose; it is easiest to narrow your choices down to a certain degree or set of talents that you possess.

Those that are more academic may want to focus on things like mathematics and sciences. Options for degrees in this category are biology, statistics, or and even teaching.

There are others, however, that prefer more creative ventures that call for the use of their "right brain." Artistic types have many options available, too, when it comes to deciding on the right type of degree for them.

Performing arts, painting, and design are all categories that call for expression and creativity. One course of study that does call for an artistic eye, as well as the ability to make calculations and market your abilities, is interior design.

Interior design is a morphing between putting visual talent into use and being able to understand spaces and how they are designed. Those that prefer to do freelance work will also need knowledge of business and how to begin and market their own.

If this is your career of choice, you will first decide which the necessary degree program that you should attempt is. Those that hope to be hired by a design firm and work on projects will do fine with a Bachelors degree in Interior Design.

However, anyone that hopes to do their own freelance work will most likely want to get some kind of Master's degree, as well, usually in Business. This will help you to man your own "company" and really understand how to properly market your work and talents.

No matter which type of program you choose, it is definitely a good idea to perform research about the different programs that are available in your state or country. Some colleges and universities are more well-known for the prestige of their programs than others; those that are higher on the list may be more expensive, but you can also get a great education and have a number of opportunities available to you after graduation.

Once you have chosen the right school and program, work your hardest to showcase your talents and get the highest grades that you possibly can in your courses. If your program has events, contests, or showcases, it is definitely a great idea to become involved and put your work on display for others to see.

Not only is this a beneficial thing to add to resumes and applications, but you may receive opportunities that you otherwise were unable to just because you put yourself out there and showed others your ideas and creativity. It is fairly obvious that the best way to really get to know your field and gain experience is through practicing it.

Therefore, a student's greatest opportunity for growth and success is to be involved in or apply for an internship. This is a chance for an individual to work with professionals in their field and learn from their experience.

It helps to perfect your craft and makes it much easier for one to understand their future occupation. Search for internships early on, at least in your third year, and definitely apply for a number of different ones.

Getting accepted can be difficult, and the more opportunities you have the easier it will be to find one. When you find an internship, do your best to really pay attention to the other designers' work and gain inspiration from experiences that you have and things that you see.

All of these actions will definitely help to jump start your career as an interior designer. The field can be tough, especially with the large amount of creative and artistic minds that are involved.

However, you never know what could happen in your career and what kind of connections and background you will develop. Interior design is an interesting and growing field that needs the minds of visual and creative individuals!
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Jump-starting An Interior Design Career

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This article was published on 2011/02/05