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Self-confidence manifests as early as childhood days. An appropriate environment and loving family will enhance this feeling in a child and this will pave the way to his success when he grows up. Developing kids' ability to learn new things and showing appreciation every time they manage to do something right on their own, will help them become emotionally stable teenagers who believe in their skills and feel capable of achieving future goals in life. Self-confidence will then guide youngsters into higher education and will enhance their chances of getting the job they want when they graduate.

The belief in your own power to maximize your abilities and constant work towards completing your personality will in turn contribute to your rise on the social scale. A positive attitude to yourself and the surrounding world is the key to success in career and in personal life as well.

Let us see what happens at an interview and why a certain applicant for a job is chosen from among a dozen who are probably as well-prepared and experienced as he or she is. When you are after a job that looks tempting and you show up for the interview, hoping to get the job is not enough. You must be convinced you can do it and that you deserve it as well. As soon as you step into that room where several pairs of scrutinising eyes are eager to record every detail of you, you will have to convince those strangers that you really are the person they are looking for. If you believe in yourself and act accordingly, making the board grasp what's best in you in a ten minutes' interview you can be the winner.

If you use your full potential at work, gradually extending its limits so as to prove to yourself and to the others your ability to progress, you will certainly go up in your career. Determined and hard-working people, who are not afraid to push their limits whenever circumstances require it, are more likely to get a promotion than those who never take a challenge because they don't know how far they can go. Self-confidence enhances your ability to cope with different trying circumstances and helps you find the proper way to go in life.

You need a lot of self-confidence to deal with all the situations you may encounter daily at work. You may feel stuck in your work while the boss expects a brilliant idea from you to save the company. Taking things easy and doing them step by step trusting your reason, abilities and skills will show you the path to take. A colleague you are supposed to work with on a project is having a bad day and doing everything to ruin yours too. Don't blame yourself – he or she is not against you and will most probably change attitude tomorrow. Self-confidence will again help you get over these embarrassing moments and understand the feelings of your colleague.

Positive thinking and self-confidence will reward you with good relationships at work and in personal life and the ability to cope with any difficult situation that life may have in store for you


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This article was published on 2011/01/03