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Oh how easy it is to be sidetracked when you happen to be working at home. True, you do not have your coworkers talking about last night’s Dancing with the Stars or showing you photos of their kids. Nevertheless, you are actually experiencing other interruptions, such as last night’s Dancing with the Stars and your own youngsters. How do you deal with them and still manage to be productive? It isn’t simple.

Listed below are seven tips to avoid distraction and avoid being interrupted.

#1 Develop “work time” and set restrictions. Get yourself a do not disturb sign if you wish to. Make absolutely certain everyone knows you’re doing work and not to be disrupted. It is helpful if you can create special periods daily which can be dedicated to work and special periods that are dedicated to family, chores and errands.

#2 Shut all pc programs that aren’t directly related to exactly what you happen to be performing. Of course, that suggests Facebook and Twitter too! And of course close your email except if you’re looking at it.

#3 Talking about email, quit checking it each and every five minutes! Check it three times a day, maximum. Check it once in the morning, once at night and once during lunch time.

#4 Switch off your cell phone or set distinct ring tones with regard to significant numbers and ignore all other telephone calls. Google Voice is a great tool because you will get voice mail messages sent to you as text messages. That saves you time during your lunch break because you can check your voice mail and your email simultaneously.

#5 Eliminate the television and the radio/stereo from your workplace if they are distractions. Generally, tv is really a distraction for most of us. On the other hand, a lot of people find it easier to work to music. You decide. You understand yourself better than other people. If music can be a distraction, eliminate it from your work environment.

#6 Prepare yourself. Take the dog outside before you decide to settle down to work. Make use of the facilities and grab some food and something to drink so you no longer need to get up while you’re working.

#7 Set time aside for chores and errands. Laundry, dirty dishes and grocery shopping can wait, right? Nonetheless, in case you have not reserved time to get them done they’ll loom over you and keep you from getting your work accomplished. Schedule time for them and the stress is taken away. You can focus on becoming productive.

Distractions are an integral part of working at home or anywhere else. Because they arise, you will need to determine the best way to handle them and prevent them. Enjoy the advantages of working from home for what they are and the awesome independence you do have.

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How To Avoid Distractions And Stop Being Interrupted – Leading Tips

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This article was published on 2010/09/26