How Do You Keep Cool When You Want to Explode?

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Keeping Cool when We Want to Explode

Control yourself: remember anger is only one letter short of danger. - classroom poster

The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of an hour. - Japanese proverb

Sometimes our co-workers and patients can annoy us. Few confuse their stressful workplaces with utopia. Share your workplace complaints and pet peeves with your workshop partner. Sighing and laughing can help relieve the stress, and provide perspective so we can keep cool when we want to explode.

Read, ask, and answer these simple questions.

1. What are some things that bother, or annoy, you in general?
2. What are some things that annoy you at work? Give examples.
3. How often do you have to deal with these annoyances?
4. What do you consider bad cell phone manners or habits at work?
5. What behavior might be considered irritating in a difficult neighbor?
6. How do you usually deal with difficult neighbors? Can you give an example?
7. When do you most often see people stressed at work?
8. Do you ever have to deal with difficult co-workers?
9. What techniques have you found to be effective in managing this stressful situation?
10. How do aggressive people make you feel? How do you tend to respond?
11. What situations do you find most stressful in the workplace?
12. How have you handled difficult situations in the past?
13. If you could go back and replay a difficult situation, what would you do differently?
14. What is the difference, for you, between assertiveness and aggressiveness? Can you provide a workplace example?
15. How do you keep cool when you want to explode?
16. Can you share any other stress-busting tips for keeping our balance at work?

By sharing our insights and experiences, we can learn new techniques and recognize our own patterns. We can also choose to change and evolve. We can choose to stay cool - even when we want to explode!

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How Do You Keep Cool When You Want to Explode?

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This article was published on 2010/04/20