Handyman Assistance From Older Kids

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Need a little helping hand with a home improvement project? Your solution may be at home, maybe sitting in front of the television set. For those with children old enough to be responsible in a task, what follows are some tips to get them to lend you a little bit of assistance in something that they, too, can be proud of having a hand in.

Treating them Like a Real Handyman

Giving them a chance to take on a job like this around the house is a great idea for you and them. One of the best ideas is to treat them as if they were a real handyman that you hired to come in and assist you with some work. This keeps them motivated, gives them a sense of responsibility, and saves you a little money if you plan to pay them.

Specific Requests

When it comes to having older children help out with a project around the house, the most important thing is to clearly lay out what you want done. If you just give them a general idea of what it means to be a handyman around the house, they aren't going to be clear on what you need done and chances are that you may both end up pretty frustrated.

If you were to hire someone to come into your home and help, how would you let them know what you need done? Would you leave them a list? Some specific directions? Go ahead and do the same for your child. It gives them something to reference as they complete to work and gives you both an idea of what is expected. Remember that if they haven't even done this type of work, you need to show them how to do it, or model it for them. Then, give them a chance to try it with your supervision. Then, allow them some space to work and come in regularly to check on the progress.

Come Up with a Price

Older kids will really love the idea of filling in as a handyman and making a little extra money around the house. Be sure that you both know exactly what each job or project will pay. They will have something to motivate them to do a good job. You are giving them a job-like experience and they can see what it is like to do some work and get paid. In the same way, this gives you a chance to make sure that they are doing a good job, taking their time and completing everything.

Work Out an Arrangement

This can be something that you do once in a while or on a regular basis. Either way, find out what works best for you and your family. Maybe this is something that you want to set up for every Saturday. If you are planning to work around the house, give the kids a chance to get in and get their hands dirty. While it may end up costing you a little money, they are learning a great lesson, you are getting a little bit of help, and as a family, you are really accomplishing something.
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Handyman Assistance From Older Kids

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This article was published on 2010/11/01