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Many a business together with their workers are talking about remote working at this time. Virtually all workers are thrilled by the idea and HR like it as it increases their options when hiring staff. But a lot of employers fear it because of a opinion they'll be paying their staff to catch up on Jeremy Kyle and snack all day. Remote working may be great for productiveness, however, and supporting it's a sure-fire way to increase staff retention. If you are not sure, consider the following points.

Reduced Absences
There's a fairly good chance that your business continuity plan incorporates something about employee sickness. For a major organization, it is no big deal if one employee in the IT department is off work for a short while, however for a small business that has just one IT guy, things are rather different.

Having a solid remote working policy in place, along with the technologies to support it, helps ensure that your IT technician will be able to quickly sign in to restart your servers even if he's home with a cold.That is not to state that you ought to pressure employees to answer phone calls if they're on their death bed, but remote working can come to be handy for real emergencies.

Work in All Weathers
The previous couple of winters have been extremely tough, and even businesses with the strongest of business continuity plans were surprised. If (or when) another wintertime filled with ice, snow and inaccessible public transport networks were to happen, how would you and your business cope? If you have integrated a unified communications system, your staff will have the capacity to keep working, even when they are snowed in. You'll be able to route telephone calls to your worker's cell phones and utilize VPN to enable them to finish work from home. It certainly can't solve the problem of opening your shop, or taking deliveries, but it will guarantee that some work will get completed.

Increasing Morale with Versatile Hours
A lot of, if not the vast majority of households in the 21st century have both partners working - it is because of this that adaptable working hours are so beneficial to so many. If you show concern for your worker's family commitments - needing to go to a parent's evening or take care of a ill child for instance, you will naturally boost office spirits.

Remote working permits staff members to maintain a happier balance between their hone life and their work. They will save time by way of not having to commute. They can also be there to support their loved ones without having to worry they are letting their team and their boss down.

Knowledge Workers
Ignoring the necessity for employees to get together at times so as to go over progress and goals, can there be any real need for a knowledge worker to perform daily in the office? If they have the instruments to do their work at home, why don't you let your artists, programmers, and designers to spend a few days each week remote working? You might find they actually get more done when in an environment in which they feel really at ease.


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Guide to Remote Working

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Guide to Remote Working

This article was published on 2012/01/28