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A ladies suit is one of the most wearable, versatile and widely accepted piece of work wear. You can never really go wrong at work by wearing a suit as it conforms to even the strictest of workplace dress codes. If you are unsure of what to wear for an interview, an important meeting or your first day in a new job a ladies suit is the safest and easiest option. You will never look over dressed in a suit but if you don’t wear one you could easily look under dressed.

The skirt or trouser suit

A skirt suit is the most traditional of work wear and even now some offices and professions consider it far preferable to wearing a trouser suit. A trouser suit is however extremely practical especially when travelling to and from work in the cold, wind and rain. It is much easier to sit down in a trouser suit in a ladylike fashion and if you do have certain more active parts to your job for example moving equipment, it is ideal. With a skirt suit for work it is always best to choose a skirt of no higher than just above the knee, often a skirt below the knee such as an a line or pencil skirt is the most comfortable and practical.

Which is the best colour for a ladies suit?

The best colour of suit will really depend on you and your profession or role at work. Black, grey or brown colours are still considered the most appropriate for very conservative roles or companies. Those who work in a more relaxed setting or perhaps a retail or creative industry can probably afford to be a little more adventurous with their choice of colors. However when it comes to classic suits that will last for a long time, the neutral colours usually work best.

Whether to choose a classic cut or fashionable style

Again whether you choose a classic or fashionable cut or style will depend on your own preferences and where you work. Classic cuts tend to be more flattering and better investments as they don’t go out of fashion. But if you find a more fashionable style that you like it is a great way to add a little variety to your work wear wardrobe.

How to keep your work wardrobe fresh and interesting

All the talk of classic cut black and grey suits can be quite uninspiring and even to some really boring, but you can add a little fun and personality to your work wear wardrobe by adding some interesting shoes or accessories. A red or pink handbag is a great way to a pop of colour to an outfit whilst a beautiful vintage brooch pinned to a tailored jacket will look stylish but professional. If you are longing for your work wardrobe to be a little more fashionable then why not try adding an animal print or polka dot scarf. Bright printed blouses or camisole tops are also a great way to add colour and pattern to a work outfit.

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Fit For Business – the Ladies Suit

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This article was published on 2010/09/27
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