Extracted "Fortune" from the First Job

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Recently, the "Forbes" inventory of a billionaire's "first job", the original path in the road of wealth before, these billionaires are insignificant pawn, as the cause of others. Jobs wound up not Apple, HP, and doing odd jobs in his; "talk show queen," Winfrey has become famous in the grocery store before work ... ... Zuckerberg is the only "lucky", his first Let the work of their wealth soaring to face book, but he is the only exception.

But a closer study of this billionaire's first job, we can easily find this seemingly incredible work, in fact, the value for them may not be general, they both are relying on their own hands and wisdom in this section to squeeze the life of a work the importance of "Fortune"! This "wealth" may be the pot of gold in the first pound may be to reach the summit of a rope, is more likely to direct the key that opens the door to the egg which......

Squeeze "money"

talk show queen Oprah Winfrey's grocery store, petroleum workers big Hengpikensi of delivering newspapers, as well as the father of investment in the work of Schwab's sale of walnut, apparently their first job and the final success of the business far apart, but through these efforts, they not only get money for their own survival, even by the start of the first bucket of gold. We cannot deny that not everyone will be able to find suitable start and make their own survival, but since it has been put to work, it must get something from, such as the survival of capital, such as fortune's capital, Only extract the accrued benefits, we pay will not in vain.

Extract "knowledge"

of course, if you are interest in your first job, then congratulate you, because you can spend the least time to learn the knowledge you want, and accumulate power. Such as through the audio industry, Lei Du fortune than his first job is to monitor brand in the United States ampex studio work, this work is clearly that he is very interested in the work he has not only accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, but also Help build the early video recording system. Dolby, like as many people have let themselves in under the hovering over the summit of the peak, but the difference is that Dolby key point of the rope, he let himself be faster than others, more robust board peak top. While others, some may be later caught the rope, but one day will be successful, while others simply do not go looking for the rope, who can only succeed in the mountains at the foot of Lookout.

Squeeze "opportunities"

Some say opportunity is how to difficult scarce, but in fact not the case, the opportunities to success is often sought their own, and Apple founder Steve Jobs is one of them. His first job was working at Hewlett-Packard, where he had close contact with the industry, and met Wozniak, who together seek to develop opportunities, founded Apple, and eventually succeeded. Of course, luck is in the same super-good Zuckerberg, in his first job in seeking to direct access to opportunity for success, he did not miss, and direct access to the destination! So, as far as possible in their first job in search of opportunities, so you can come closer and success!

As we often say, life of each "first" for a man is critical, work is also true. The hundreds of millions of ordinary people in this area rich with the biggest difference is that they can from each "first" to extract the wealth!

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Extracted "Fortune" from the First Job

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This article was published on 2010/09/07