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Many people have been questioning and sending emails: "Does fatloss4idiots work?" This is a common and just question which can be answered very simply... No, If you do not follow it exactly. Yes, if you follow it well. Just like with anything out there for example, building a table, following a work out plan, installing software, there are instructions. Just like with fatloss4idiots, it comes with instructions that need to be followed.

So does FatLoss4Idiots really work? Yes, but how does it work you might ask? Well the body is quite complicated and the science is obviously complicated too, but basically, humans adapt. This is the major concept with the diet. Think of anything, lets say standing as a cashier for 8 hours for a day shift. That 8 hour shift is going to be tiring on the legs, especially in the first few days. Now imagine doing that job for two months straight. At first your legs would be tired, but as the days and weeks past, your body adapts and you would no longer feel the negative effects as you did the first few days.

The same goes with dieting, and you like me, have probably had your body demonstrate adaptation without you knowing it. We have all started a diet, and lose weight for the first part, but as the diet goes on the weight loss starts to come to a stand-still. This is your body adapting. So how does FatLoss4Idiots really work, its called calorie shifting. Calorie shifting confuses your body constantly, so your metabolism doesn't adapt. Fatloss4idiots tells you exactly how to do it, when to do it, and what to eat when doing it. That is why it is the number one diet out there right now. Good luck with your decisions, they will change your life for the better!

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Does FatLoss4Idiots Really Work

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This article was published on 2010/03/28