Beating the Corporate Stress!

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Well folks, what would be more stressful than achieving your targets and meeting up the deadlines during recession! Nevertheless, India Inc is somewhat safer than other countries in terms of GDP and per capita income; yet the pang of recession took toll on every one of us. The result - Jobs are heating up, office stress and workloads are fast turning into headaches and migraines causing a steep decline on our health.

The impact is not limited to this. We can even witness an increased level of sluggishness, absenteeism, accidents and higher personal health bills. These things are certainly not going to heal soon. So gear yourselves up by thinking that "the worse is yet to come". Here are top 10 ways to beat the corporate heat!

1) Mind your own business - Usually poor work habits of others give rise to an additional stress rather than your own. Concentrate on your work domain, because the boss will always rate you on your quality work and performance. Stay alert on the purpose you are hired for and let the management work out ways to improve other departments or the company. Never indulge yourself in things, which are not your look out - strictly!

2) Be Organized - You can ward off a lot of stress by organizing your work schedule. Discuss with your boss and prioritize the important projects and routine tasks. You can't just do everything all alone, so get concerned only about the unfinished businesses. Put everything else in the file drawer!

3) Active Communication - You need to be very precise with all your communications. Meet your boss as often as required and keep them informed about the developments and progress of the projects. Update them by the ways they want the reports to be, like (email, memos, briefings, meetings etc) and get their feedback and make the changes wherever needed to avoid re-working on the entire thing. Apply the same strategy with your juniors so that you get exactly what you will be delivering to your boss further. Good communication is the essence to stress control!

4) Information - The more informed you are about your job, the less stressful it becomes. They're always a scope to learn new things even if you are into your job for years. Stay updated with trade journals, books, and research to handle the recent changes in your field. Some companies may not pay for providing such education to their employees; nonetheless you should take your own initiatives. A well-informed person always makes a positive impact to the boss.

5) Avoid Interruptions - It is always advisable to avoid unnecessary interruptions at work. Avoid meeting people at odd times, schedule times for meeting with those who want information from you and hold with it. The more constant you will be, the more organized others will be. Attend calls and respond to mails at definite time. Prepare a list of people and events that tend to interrupt you at work and work with each unit until it's under control!

6) Talk your Heart - Always discuss with others what's going on in your mind. If someone's special talent is bugging you - talk to them. Chances are that they are unaware of their own habit, so it wont offend them. A friendly discussion may help them to avoid any future problem. Control your stress before challenging anyone so that you don't sound annoyed and irritated yourself.

7) Being with Family - Family situations are one of the biggest factors of getting stressed out at the office. An old proverb says, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." So true! Never mix your family and office priorities together. Spend apt time with your family to avoid any unwanted tricky situations in future.

8) Exercise - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, I hope you still remember this. According to a report, more than 80% of all the doctor's visits are stress related. Find time to exercise and work out to strengthen your immune system and well-being. Talk to an expert to find out what fits your needs. Let exercise be a part of your daily routine; don't cut it short into your family time. Regular exercise, play or work out may add years to your own life and help you make more productive as an employee.

9) Nutrition - A good and proper nutrition is a key to control stress. Not to forget that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body - an old but apt proverb. Do take your share of food on time to combat stress. Skipping your meal won't finish your work faster. Remember - It's always the health first!

10) Rest - A good sleep is all we need to refresh our tired brain and body. Follow it same way as you follow your eating habit. Sleep deprivation is a major factor of stress itself. Avoid taking work home from office, cut out late television viewings, and avoid late night parties on weekends. Just do anything to get your seven or eight hours of sleep every night. Reports show that 20 minutes power naps during lunch break in office make us more productive. If possible, use part of your lunchtime to get a short nap to control stress.

Each of these stress buster works separately to handle the corporate stress. You just need to figure out what fits your need the best! Pick the best one, start practicing and put it to work. Soon your co-workers, family and friends will notice the change in you. Let not your office work add more heat than the summers anyways!

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Beating the Corporate Stress!

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This article was published on 2010/04/03