Arnold Schwarzenegger's Gain Muscle Work Out

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In the sixties when Arnold Schwarzenegger started competing in bodybuilding competitions, it was a run-down, little known sport. Since then, it has merged into a multi-million dollar phenomenon - and arguably, Arnold was the man who started it all.

Better known for his acting days and career in politics, Arnold has always had a winning mentality in whatever he's done - and that all started in his bodybuilding days.

Arnold trained intensively. Sometimes twice a day to trick his muscles into growing when he'd hit a plateau. These days, however, bodybuilding know-how has come along a fair bit and there are now very simple yet effective ways of building muscle.

There are gain muscle workouts pasted all over the internet and they're not hard to find. Some of these are great, some will work to a certain degree and some aren't very good at all. Let's have a look at what Arnold was doing when he was training for his first Mr. Universe competition at 22 years old.

First, I must tell you, that to gain muscle there are three key rules you must abide by -

* Training - You must have a very specific and strict gain muscle work out regime

* Eating - You must eat a lot and eat right

* Rest - Muscles only grow while you rest, not in the gym. Your body will force your muscles to grow while you sleep if you are training properly.

Let's get into work outs. The first thing you need to know is that you should be training three times per week for an hour each time. Always have at least a day's rest in between workouts and do as little or no cardio exercise whenever possible.

Workout 1
Deadlifts, Calf Raises, Squats, Abdominals.

Workout 2
Bent-Over Rows, Bicep Curls, Lat Pull Downs, Lateral Raises

Workout 3
Shoulder Press, Abdominals (optional), Tricep Curls, Bench Press

For each exercise, complete as follows

* 2 warm-up sets of 8 reps (don't work to failure)
* Increase weight and perform 1 set of 8 reps (work to failure)
* Increase weight and perform 1 set of 6 reps (work to failure)
* Increase weight and perform 1 set of 4 reps (work to failure)
* Increase weight and perform 1 set of 2-4 reps (work to failure)
* Drop the weight back down to the weight of your first set and work to failure
* Half that weight and work to failure

Follow this gain muscle work out program, combined with a good diet and plenty of rest, and you'll be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger within months!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Gain Muscle Work Out

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This article was published on 2010/04/01