Are Recruitment Agencies Really Useful?

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There are plenty of good reasons why it is a good idea to seek employment through a recruitment agency. There are certain things to be wary of when looking for work through a recruitment agency too. This article tries to offer a balanced view of why recruitment agencies are a good bet to find work. All over the Uk it is getting harder to find work that will support, you and offer you good prospects for the future. Everyone searching for jobs, whether you are looking for work in London or Cornwall, needs to have as many strings in their bow to find themselves the right employment. I have listed below some of the main reasons why looking for work through recruitment agencies is a good way to find work.

- Recruitment agencies are constantly promoting themselves, and selling themselves, within their particular specialist sectors. They have to find jobs in order to survive and make a profit. This means that they are likely to have a regular stream of work coming in. It is a good idea to keep regulat contact with any agency you are signed to, because of this.

- If there isn't a specific job available in your field, it is possible to have some form of temporary work to tide you over till the right vacancy becomes available. This means you can still earn money whilst waiting for thhe right job. Always put your name forward for the temporary agent, so they can place you in some temporary work whilst they look for a permanent position for you. Most agencies will always have temporary bookings available, these can sometimes lead to full time opportunities anyway.

- You can be critical of a vacancy with an agency in a way you cannot be with the actual employer. If there is something you do not like about a job offered to you, you can pass it on to the agent you are dealing with. It is in their interest to sort this issue out for you so you will take the job, and they will earn comission. You can also negotiate salaries and working conditions with you employment agency agent, without worrying about insulting your actual employer. It is, of course, a good idea to be as reasonable as possible when making demands. No agency can work miracles on your behalf.

- An agency may well have vacancies on their books before they are advertised anywhere. If you are registered with that agency, you will be able to get in front of that particular employer quickly. Recruitment agencies don't like to hang onto positions for too long, and will be happy to fill them fast. make sure that you are ready to go for interviews on short notice so you can take advantage of being one of the first interviewees through the door.

- Recruitment agencies often ask for feedback for the people who were unsuccessful in getting work. You can speak to your agent, and find out what you did that resulted in you not getting the job. This is valuable information, and should be taken advantage of whenever you are unsuccessful applying for a position.

A recruitment agency will want to get you work as much as you will. They need to find you work in order to make their business work. Employers wil want to fill vacancies as quickly as they can with the right people, and if you are registered with a few agencies, this could be something you can take advantage of.

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Are Recruitment Agencies Really Useful?

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This article was published on 2012/05/30